The word diva calls to mind some of music’s most acclaimed vocalists, and most infamous bad-girl behavior. Fortunately, Rock n Soul singer Quinn Archer is the quintessential diva, but only in the former sense. In fact, her feet seem firmly planted on the ground, except for that searing sense of sadness coloring this Brit’s sound. Archer’s tunes, from the smoldering “Dark Places,” to the quiet, thoughtful ballad “Rest of My Days,” are siren songs—her soulful voice drawing in listeners; her lyrics expressing a disembodied longing, an implacable suffering beyond words.

Archer hails from South West London, having moved to Los Angeles in her teens to pursue her dream of making music. Since attending the Musicians Institute, she’s kept this dream afloat by taking on a range of roles from taxi driver to personal assistant in order to supplement her musical efforts. She has even done stints singing for Shooter Jennings’ band, Stargunn, fronting bands like Stereofiend and Juliet’s Royal Blood, and forming outfits with Ricky Philips (The Baby’s, Bad English) and Gavin MacKilllop (Sugar Cult, The Rembrandts, Goo Goo Dolls). Throughout, Archer has remained tenacious and steadfast—taking the time to give back (LA Mission, NKLA, Dogs Without Borders)

Despite significant challenges, Quinn Archer remains undaunted and it has paid off handsomely; she was recently signed by WPIL Records. She has also been spotlighted by Vanity Fair, who cited her as “Britain’s next great soul singer” and made her debut solo performance, joining Jon Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift & James Blunt at the prestigious Winter Whites Gala hosted by Prince William at Kensington Palace. With her debut EP, Dark Places, coming out this past summer (July 2014), Quinn Archer finds herself finally able to realize her dreams and, with her gaze aimed high, will let little stand in her way.

“Dark Places [Single]” released June 17, 2014.

“Dark Places [EP]” released July 29, 2014.